Why buy and eat pastured, non-gmo, antibiotic-hormone free meat?

There are a lot of great articles out about why we should eat this type of meat.  To read one that explains the health benefits click here...

Also, watch this short movie on why it is important to know what you eat...

Local Recommendations

Movies: Food Inc.

Books: Any books by Joel Salatin!!!

Magazines: Acres USA

Newspapers: The Stockman Grass Farmer




The Grass Feather: Jeff Smith strives to locate the best meat around to distribute and deliver to the surrounding area.  We are working with him in trying to reach the needs of our community.

Moonique Dairy: Tyler and Nadine Stuztman offer wonderful safe Raw milk from their pastured cows.  They do milk drop offs in Kalamazoo, MI.  Their Farm is located in Vandalia, MI.

Green Gardens Farm: Trent Thompson offers wonderful organic vegetables.  Located in Battle Creek, MI

Earth Smith Farm: Clay & Colette Smith offer pork, vegetables and a variety of things.  Located in Battle Creek MI

Books/Websites/Literature Recommendations

Your Neighborhood Farm