Nitrate Free Pork

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

We strive for integrity at Your Neighborhood Farm.  Our farming principles are focused not only on treating animals with dignity the way God intended but also treating you, our neighbors/our customers, with the utmost respect and kindness.  

We rotate our animals to fresh pasture and let them express their pig-ness, their cow-ness, and their chicken-ness (as Joel Salatin would say).  They are free to run, dance, play, root, and rest in a spacious environment free of fecal build-up and harmful matter.   They are allowed to soak up the sun, breath in fresh air, and eat as much grass and grubs as possible.   

Our animals are some of the healthiest in the world.  We do not inject them with antibiotics or hormones.  Our cows are solely grass-fed.  Our chickens and pigs are given a non-gmo feed to supplement their natural diet.

We claim to be better than organic because the organic name cannot be trusted with meat products.  By labeling a piece of meat "organic" it only entails that they have been given organic feed.  It doesn't tell you the way the animal has been raised (most likely on concrete, with little access to grass, and in confined areas). 

We also have an open farm policy.  We have no secrets.  All are welcome to see the animals and the way they are raised.  It is good to know your farmer and see how your food is grown!

Our Farming Principles

Better than Organic

Your Neighborhood Farm